Typically, only the largest municipalities have staff members who are educated, experienced, and credentialed City Planners. Our urban planning / land planning experts are available to provide guidance and input on routine or complex zoning, platting, or land use matters.

Often, City Hall Essentials is called upon to provide planning assistance regarding:

  • Amendment of Zoning, Platting, or Sign codes
  • Negotiation &¬†Drafting of Development Agreements
  • Preparation of Consulting Expert Reports on Rezoning Requests
  • Coordination of Annexations
  • Updating of Plan Review, Permitting, and Platting Procedures
  • Training of new Members of Planning & Zoning Commissions
  • Facilitating Best Practices for Boards of Adjustment
  • Comprehensive Plan Adoption

Additional Services

When elected leaders or city departments need the help of municipal experts, City Hall Essentials provides that expertise.
It has long been the mantra of City Hall Essentials that education is crucial, "because informed city officials make better decisions."
When top-level staff positions are vacant, City Hall Essentials strives to fill those voids with educated, experienced temporary executives.