About Us

Not all municipalities have all the expertise they need in house at all times. Often, city halls (large and small) need to reach out for specialized assistance. City Hall Essentials, LLC (“CHE”) is a consulting firm with a network of seasoned professionals who are available to answer the call of duty when city officials need help. 

Based in Austin, TX, City Hall Essentials is structured to bring particular capabilities to cities near and far in order to help local government leaders take care of their towns. With services ranging from Consulting and Training to Planning and Interim Staffing, City Hall Essentials strives to enhance the capabilities of city councils and city departments.

City Hall Essentials was conceived by Alan Bojorquez over a decade ago as an ancillary service of the Bojorquez Law Firm, PC. In 2018, City Hall Essentials was incorporated into a freestanding consulting business under the leadership of Sheila Bojorquez, a career educator, certified school administrator, and licensed professional counselor.